Monday, November 14, 2016

Ponder: "it is this only that can make us free"

"They who imagine that self-denial intrenches upon our liberty, do not know that it is this only that can make us free indeed; giving us the victory over ourselves; setting us free from the bondage of our corruption; enabling us to bear afflictions, (which will come one time or other;) to forsee them without amazement; enlightening the mind, sanctifying the will, and making us to slight those baubles which others so eagerly contend for.,,It is the greatest mercy, that God does not consult our inclinations, in laying upon us the Cross, which is the only way to happiness.  Jesus Christ crucified would have few imitators, if God did not lay it upon us, by the hands of men, and by His providence."

Thomas Wilson, Sacra Privata.

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