Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For Meditation: Something Flesh and Blood

"After resisting a potentially lethal drink, Beckel sat weeping on a rock in the middle of a field.  "And I knew," he writes, there was a force that had wanted me not to do that, a force that loved me enough to stop me in my tracks and redirect my steps.  That loved me?  Me?  If there is one moment I can point to, a moment when the idea of God's grace shifted from being some kind of abstract concept to being something flesh and blood, something meaty and rich, something real, that was it."

Conversion, in the Christian tradition, requires the recognition of sin and failure, which is the only way the offer of grace makes sense.  This, to be honest, is a difficult concept for many of us to accept.  But voices as diverse as Carson and Beckel promise something encouraging: that any moment, early or late, can mark the beginning of hope."

Michael Gerson, "When Hope Begins," The Washington Post 1 Dec 2015, A15.

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