Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ponder: God speaks specifically only through his messengers

"Certainly, God speaks through everything and to everything, also to me.  Everything that is reveals him; everything that happens is an effect of his guidance and somehow affects the conscience; he is palpable at the core of me.  But all this remains vague.  It is not enough to live by, not to live as I feel I must.  It is ambiguous and needs the ultimate clarification that can come only through the word of God, and this he does not speak to everyone.

Specific revelation of reality and God's will comes to me only through people.  Divine Providence selects an individual with whom he communicates directly...The idea that everyone is strong enough to bear immediate contact with God is false, and conceivable only by an age that has forgotten what it means to stand in the direct ray of divine power, that substitutes sentimental religious 'experience' for the overwhelming reality of God's presence.  To claim that everyone could and should be exposed to that reality is sacrilegious. God is holy and speaks specifically only through his messengers.  He who refuses to accept him through his chosen speaker, who insists on hearing his voice directly, shows that he either does not know or will not admit who God is, and who he is himself.

Romano Guardini, The Lord (1954), 250-251

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