Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ponder: One accommodation at a time

"And that's how the death of Judaism proceeds, one accommodation at a time.  I didn't feel bad about it.  I agreed that this made sense.  Compromises always make sense.
As I said those prayers in that hospital room, I didn't think that this might be the last time those words would ever be uttered over a Sollisch foreskin.  I couldn't imagine a future where this little boy or his brother would ever get married and have children.  But Zack married Allie, a Catholic, in 2014.  And Max will marry Dana, a Catholic, this year  And I'm about 99 percent certain that their sister, Zoey, will marry a non-Jew, too.
Zack's wedding was mostly a Catholic affair.  He did not convert; he is Jewish, and proudly identifies that way.  But I suspect his son--should he and Allie have one--will be circumcised in silence by a doctor in a sterile room.  And the cord that connects my ancestors to God-the one I frayed-will be cut completely.
Jim Sollisch, Washington Post Magazine, 9 Jan. 2016, 27.

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