Monday, March 20, 2017

Ponder: morality with "a continual view of the immensities"

“Morality which is uninspired by a continual view of the immensities which lie beyond it becomes cold and unattractive, and may lead to a deadly self-satisfaction, which inhibits all spiritual progress.  It is certain that in religion above all else, ‘a man’s reach must exceed his grasp,’ and of this, a majority of our teachers are well aware.  But it is equally certain that any system of religion which treats temperance, soberness and chastity as objects of less regard than emotional indulgence, ecclesiastical correctitude or even a far-spreading humanitarianism, is dying at the heart.  A devotion which is rooted in the Bible will never ignore the claims of personal morality.  There it is made unmistakably clear that a righteous God demands righteousness in his worshippers.” 
C. J. Stranks, Anglican Devotion, 285-6.

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