Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ponder: Being Part of Someone's Memory

"Snap a photo or video anywhere close to big Christmas trees in New York, Dallas, or a dozen other downtowns, for instance, and you'll be able to add a digital sticker of Hallmark's latest ad campaign--perfect for saving, sharing, and cheering on their corporate brand...The real genius [company representatives] say, is that they intertwine the brand with good emotions--a high school Friday afternoon, the thrill of vacation--so the marketing will stick around even after the Snap has disappeared.  "This is more about principle than return on investment," said Katherine Cartwright, a Hallmark spokeswoman.  "It's about being part of someone's memory."
Drew Harwell, "Snapchat Wants to Turn Your Life into an Ad." The Washington Post, 17 Nov. 2015, A11.

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